Why Is Ajusshi Avoiding Jung Hee’s Bar Completely?

@aisling from Soompi posted this question: Does anybody know what Ji An meant by “If I stay here, he won’t be coming to the bar?” Why? Why would he avoid her? 

At the time of this discussion, Soompi members had not yet noticed the calendar on the  wall of Jung Hee’s bedroom.  We all had no idea that Dong Hoon avoids the bar for at least a whole month if not longer, showing an incredible amount of self restraint.  And how puzzling his behavior must have seemed to the bar friends who tend to overreact when things are even just a little out of the ordinary. Continue reading Why Is Ajusshi Avoiding Jung Hee’s Bar Completely?


An Age Gap Romance?

Discussion on the 20-something age gap between the My Ahjussi leads by Soompiers ~


The production knew from the beginning where the relationship would go, but they deliberately said things that were confusing, things like “this is not a romance drama but a human drama.”  You saw romantic trajectory, so did many here.  But there are many who see only platonic feelings.  I am tickled pink that 12 episodes done, we are still in the same place as far as this issue is concerned. Hahaha..

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