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Live recap for episode 2 of the Kdrama My Mister/My Ajusshi starring Lee Sun-Kyun and Lee Ji-Eun.

Originally published on Dramamilk, March 21, 2018

The first episode of My Mister set up the main characters lives…and they are all depressing. But this show is about two people lifting each other up so maybe it’s all up from here? Pretty please? One thing I am interested in is this company plot that Dong-hoon is accidentally caught in the middle off, which is surprising because I normally could care less about company machinations. However, in this case I am very intrigued.

Shorthand (Shorthand Character Chart)
Park Dong-hoon DH | Lee Ji-ahn – JA | Park Sang-hoon – SH | Park Ki-hoon – KH | Kang Yoon-hee – YH | Lee Guang-il – GI

JA walks outside of a building and looks up at it apprehensively. Perhaps this is the loan shark building? She goes inside and someone starts counting the money. He tells her that they have to take 10% off so she still owes then some money. Then he calls GI. He asks GI if he accepts the gift cards.

GI talks to the man and says that they will recieve it and report it as stolen so she will go to jail and her life is over. He hangs up so the man says they will accept it. JA also gives him the rest of the 10%. But then they get in a scuffle and the man pulls the rest of her money from her bag.

JA stares at him and thinks about hitting him. He thinks she can go to jail for a long time with hitting and violence. She stares at him and then leaves. He tells her not to go too far and don’t make them work too much. She just misses GI as he walks in. He talks to the other man about JA, where is she? He says she just left, over there.

Cut to JA outside resting against the building. She is on the 2nd floor steps and sees a truck back up to the building. OH, it looks like she has an idea. She doesn’t see a CCTV on that parking lot spot.

Back inside, the men are looking at the money/gift cards. Outside, JA pulls the blue boxes off of the truck which sets off the alarm. The blue boxes hit the white car next to it and damage the window. This car belongs to one of the loan sharks, so he runs outside. JA runs inside and steals all the money back and takes off. Then she calls her brother, take their mother to your house. Stand up. (he is playing a video game). JA runs off.

GI figured out what is going on adn runs up to the room, all the money is gone! He just missed JA and runs out to find her, but she isn’t anywhere aroung.

At the company, two suits come to talk to DH and pull him away. All his colleagues wonder what is happening. they take him to the elevator and JA gets off right at that time. But the men pull him into the elevator and JS looks back at him. However, she goes to her seat.

Cut to some men taking all of DH’s things. All of them, his computer and his files and all his documents are put in boxes and taken away. Meanwhile DH waits in an office alone.
He gets up and calls someone. But then someone comes in and says he shouldn’t use his cellphone, just hang up. He asks who he called and he says his wife, she is a lawyer. But the man takes the phone.

In the office, JA hides the money on her desk with all the other newspaper files and walks out. Cut back to DH, he is with a man and they are reviewing the CCTV. The man wants to know which company? Who sent you? DH says he wonders the same thing. How much was it? $50,000 in gift cards. DH is amazed at this. He wants to get up and ask someone something. But they tell him to sit back down.

Meanwhile JA is talking to the custodian. The custodian says that bad guy will find her, if he does then she is dead. JA throws the money in the trashcan. The custodian comes up into the building and gives the money to someone, he says he found it in the trashcan.

In the office, a lot of suits, including Director Park, look at all the CCTV footage. They want to talk to the delivery person again to find out who sent it. But it was a non existing number. The suits think that this was planned, they look at each other and wonder who is the person behind this?

But then someone comes in and says that the janitor found this in the trashcan. Director park opens it and sees all the money. It is all there. Director Park tells him that it is a secret that they have this because someone tried to F then.

Then a man comes in to talk to DH, he asks him to follow them. DH follows them and walks through his office area, he sees JA, but she pretends like she doesn’t know him. Everyone in the office wonders what happened as DH puts on his jacket and then goes over to JA. He wants to talk to her, but she ignores him. He asks for his cell phone and the man says they will give it to him after the interrogation. They also ask for his ID and all the coworkers look away. They look worried for him.
DH goes outside and tries to smoke, but he can’t. He thinks of what his brother told him…DH, you should stick with your company for a long long time, or you will be like me. DH goes to his wifes office and tells her what happened. Someone sent all that money and he put it into his drawer, but it is gone. He has a suspect. She asks if he ate. He tells her to find it out quietly. She says there is no way to find this out without the company nowing, don’t move to hastily. But DH says he doesn’t have the gift cards, that is the problem.

DH leaves and asks the CEO what happened. She is talking to him from a payphone and wonders why he did this. DH is pretty angry and looking everywhere. But he just tells her that he will talk to her later.

The company has a big meeting about this. One team tries to put DH in jail and the other side with director Park defends DH. The mail was supposed to come to him. So the report says Park Dong-oon director, not Park Dong-hoon manager. So we will find out who wants to send the money to whom, me the Director or the manager. We will find out what company can send that much money.

At night, DH tries to follow JA, but his company guys are around so he can’t stay as close to her as he wants. But he keeps following for a distance. They go into the subway with the company people still around. DH tries to hide his face as he tries to keep up with JA. But then the company people stop so DH has to stop as well. He peaks around a post and wathes JA, who also stopped as they all wait for the subway to arrive. Once it arrives, DH steps from the post and runs into the subway cart where JA is.

But the subway cart is packed so DH is still far away from JA. He tries to squeeze through the cart to her side and succeeds, so he tells her to get off at the next station so can talk. She wants to know why. He asks her where the money is and she says that she threw it away. In the trashcan.

DH sighs, then he tells her to just get out. But she says she doesn’t want to. He tells her to get out but she says I DON’T WANT TO. then a big guy pushes DH out of the train and he tumbles to the ground. the door close.

DH calls his mothers house to talk to his little brother KH. He has a police friend that finds lost money right? The friend asks how much money and he says $50k. KH screams, !!!!! then he goes outside to meet DH with their other brother. KH wonders if it is really true? Did she really take it? He says he isn’t 100% sure. They want to know what her phone number is and he says he doens’t know. They want to know how he can’t know a phone number and he says, do you know anyone phone number? You don’t even know moms number. they argue about this for a while and how they need to survive for their mothers funeral.

SH says he will do the security guard job. But KH just yells that he has to put the money back. the brothers keep yelling about it though and the oldest tries to hug-fight the youngest. But it looks like he is drunk.

Cut to the brothers trying to find JA from the subway. They just wait and wait and wait at the subway entrance for her to show up. They stare at everyone and make them all uncomfortable. All the ladies hide their face from them. KH gets a call from his police friend to find her, but he isn having a hard time finding her as well. At the same time, DH goes to the grocery store to look for her, but she isn’t there either.

JA is at the brothers plae helping her grandmother. the brother stays with his friend maybe? So the grandmother is in the same room as the brother. JA makes sure she is okay there and cleans up the bathroom. then she feeds her something and takes a nap while sitting in the corner.

Back at her place, GI waits.

So four men are looking for JA right now. DH and his brothers meet up at the subway entrance, no one has found her and the last car has run for the day. They say to go to the police station and report it. But then director Yoon rolls down his window and tells him to get in the car.

They go to a bar and Director Yoon talks to DH in one of the back rooms. He pours him a drink and asks him if he ate and where he was this whole time. DH drinks the shots that Yoon pours for him, 3 shots in a row taken to the head. But he keeps pouring more and the food arrives. DH tries to breath through the shots and keep his wits perhaps? But he didn’t eat anything all evening so the alsohol is taking a tole on his body. Yoon pours even more shots.

Yoon says he knows DH won’t take any dirty money, he trusts him, he took him in for his ability and he had a hard time today. Not only him…the illegal money. The CEO take scare of you a lot, you know? Well, anyways, it happened so you can just quit and write a resignation letter and forget about it. i will find a good position for you, it is a headache for me…

Meanwhile DH’s head is spinning.

YH is trying to plead her case for DH. But he just tells her to divorce him. She says they have become bad people.

DH is still on the hunt for JA. But then he sees her and runs out of the convenience store to talk to her. He tells her that he knows she doesn’t live around here, where does she live, where is the money? Give it back to him, if she has a criminal history then she won’t be able to get a job.
JA goes inside their company, but DH can’t get inside. He asks the security team to let him in and he goes inside.

JA is in the custodian room and asks the custodian if he took the money? It seams like that guy doesn’t know where the money is. The custodian says that money is money to trap DH.

Meanwhile the company people talk about DH, did he confess? Director Park wants to know where the money is, what did he do with it. Yoon says he will take the money and leave. But then Director Park comes in and throws the money on the desk near Yoon. He says DH threw the money away, so why does he want to fire him? Why are they doing that to him? He threw the money away on the same day he recieved it.

The chairman doesn’t have any heir, so you want to take over the compay and fire DH and cover it up. You want to take over the company. Did he promise you that you will be the CEO if the CEO becomes the chairman. I don’t like someone who should be behind me, but tries to hop in front of me. I hate those things. Yoon says he will let him know.

Director Park smiles and says it also includes you and leaves. Yoon hits the chair in anger.

CEO runs to the greet Wang 1 and Wang 2. He wonders why they went here to drink coffee and they smile and say their coffee isn’t as good. Then they start to talk about all that is going on with DH. Wang2 knows that guy and says he looks poor. But they think that DH threw the money away in the trashcan so he is a super good guy and very reliable.

The CEo goes back inside the building and asks for a meeting with Director Park in his office. They go to get on the elevator, JA is already on the elevator. The CEO gets a call, but we don’t know what it is about. Director Park looks at him. But then JA grabs a phone, did she steal his phone? It looks like she stole the CEOs phone very naturally and Director Park noticed it.

JA goes to sit at her desk and Director Park and the CEO talk in his office. Wang2 says that this incident didn’t happen so Director Park will find out who sent the money. CEo says for him to do it.

But then the CEo comes out and JA sends him a text from the 2G cellphone. She says that he should contact her when his secretaries leave and ask to buy her a sandwhich, it is too busy to meet with him right now.

DH comes out and calls YH from a payphone. He tells her not to call on the 2G cellphone, someone took it. He will explain it all to her later.
DH makes it to his office floor and tells JA that he will tell everyone. He meets with Director Park and says he took the money, but he didn’t keep it. Director Park says that he knows, the janitor brought it. You shouldn’t have thrown it away, you should have brought it to us, we are luck y that that is a good janitor, you should have brought it directly to us. Why didn’t you tell us that you just threw it away.

DH is stunned.

Because you are so nieve like that, Director Yoon looked down on you. Director Yoon tried to do all this. DH leaves and thinks back to talking to JA on the subway. Then he sees JA, but he doesn’t go to talk to her, instead he just goes and sits back at his desk. Everyone looks at him and he looks at her. All his friends look at him but DH just looks at her and keeps turning his chair to look at her.

Then the internal investigation team comes back and brings all DH’s things back to his desk. All this friends try to talk to him by rolling their chairs to his desk, this part is pretty funny actually. But DH ignores them and just looks through his things. He has his cell phone back as well. At the same time, JA delivers the mail.

DH gets a call from his younger brother and tells him that they found JA, she lives in a different district. But DH says he found it and the brother says he is going to kill him! All the family says they will kill him! But the mother looks relieved. then the mother goes insane on the two brothers and says they messed up her brothers life! Just leave!

DH goes outside and drinks a beet by himself. But his colleagues go up to him and tell him that he really threw away all that money? That is daebak! He is so cool. DH keeps drinking. He looks so stunned at the turn of events.

Inside, JA sees DH’s phone ringing, his wife is calling. She remembers the same number from the 2G phone and puts two and two together. She looks at the 2G phone, only the wifes phone number shows up on this phone.

JA thinks about he 2G phone and puts it in her pocket. Then she sees DH come back in. She watches him call his wife. He tells her that it is all taken care of and he will call her later. then he hangs up and looks at JA, she is looking at him. But he avoids her and starts fixing his desk items.

The wife stares out the window and the CEO man stares at nothing while at his desk. DH also stares at his computer. But his eyes wander to JA. He tries to shake it off though and get back to work. Day turns to night and everyone starts to go home. But JA and DH are still there. The CEo is still there as well and still staring at nothing. The secretaries come in and tell him that they will go home now. They leave. Then JA gest up and grabs all the paperwork, she starts going through it.

DH also gets up and starts to leave, he glansces at her and approaches her. Do you finish late today? I would like to buy you dinner today. She says she isn’t hungry. What about tea or something? But she doesn’t answer. DH leaves.

Then the CEO comes out and stands at JA’s desk. She asks what it is, would he like to buy her a sandwhich, it is in her pocket, but the CCTV…if you want it, I can just give it to you. Or I can buy you a sandwhich if you give me money. He gives her money so she goes to buy the sandwhiches and goes back to the CEO. She gives him his phone and then looks around the room.

The CEO checks the cell phone and wathes JA. Who are you, I haven’t seen you around. She says she wors there, just little things people ask her to do, she is temporary. He tells her that her hands are fast, what can she do? She says she can do anything to make money. She wants to know why he wants to fire the director…but then she realized why after she saw his phone. He says they went to college together and she is his lawyer. She says okay, but she asks why he dates an ajumma. Is she pretty? Even if she is pretty, she is just an ajumma right?

JA looks at him, you really date her?

JA leaves the office and the CEo tells her to wait, he wants to talk to her for a second. JA turns and said she thought he would just buy a hitman and kill her, she walks back to the office.

The three brothers talk about what happened. That brave girl put the money in the trash? maybe she likes him. DH says to shut up. They think she took the money to rescue him, maybe she likes him. is she pretty? DH says she is young. One of the brothers laughs and calls him a pervert. they want to know the truth, is he like a casonova at his company?

Cut to outside, the oldest pees on the street and the youngest says he will do the security job. The youngest will also work on a movie. KH tells DH that he should only take small bribery money, not large money. If he gets dirty, then he will die. the other brother comes back and tells them he can’t pee…maybe his prostate. Then he mocks DH about liking that young girl. They all walk off playfully.

On the subway, DH sits and gets a text. he looks at it, it says, can you buy me dinner? This is Lee Ji-ahn. DH thinks about it as the subway continues to go through Seoul. the subway stops and DH snaps out of it enough to hop out.

Cut to JA waiting outside somewhere. She waits at the subway entrance and DH shows up. He asks her what she wants to eat and she says something expensive. They leave together and go to a restauraunt. She pour herself some beer and eats, it is expensive looking Japanese food. DH watches her and then starts eating.

Cut back to JA talking to the CEO. She says she can help him fire DH and Director Park. She is better than Yoon. He wants to know how she will do it and she says she will do it.

Then we see DH and JA riding the subway together.

The CEO asks, How much? JA says 10,000 per person.

On the subway DH tells JA, thank you. She doesn’t respond. We cut to scenes of Seoul as the train takes them both home.

Fade Out

JA wants DH to buy her dinner every night for one month.

Wow, I loved this episode so much more. The company part is huge in this episode and it sets the stage for all the drama to come. My Ajusshi is definitely looking up!


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