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Episode 9 live recap for the Korean Drama My Mister / My Ajusshi starring Lee Ji-Eun and Lee Sun-Kyun

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Originally published on Dramamilk, April 18, 2018

Dong-hoon might actually become a Director y’all. I think even getting nominated for the position is more than what happened in the last 15+ years of working for that company, I can see why everyone is excited for him. This also makes me think that the writer might have big plans for Dong-hoon at the company. Perhaps even CEO at some point? He has to hop over this first hurdle first.

I feel like the compassion DH feels for JA is going to grow deeper in these next two episodes. From the trailer it looks like he will confront the loan shark stalking her (which makes me so scared for him) and possibly get into an altercation. I hope everything comes out on the upside with that.

Shorthand (Shorthand Character Chart)
Park Dong-hoon DH | Lee Ji-ahn – JA | Park Sang-hoon – SH | Park Ki-hoon – KH | Kang Yoon-hee – YH | Lee Guang-il – GI

We open with an external look at the subway as it goes over the bridge.

Then we go inside. DH and JA are standing seperately, in their own thoughts. Dong-hoon is thinking about what Director Park told him.

Director Park – JY, you should destroy JY, that is justice.

JA thinks about what JY told her about eating and drinking means that DH likes her. But she also thinks about when DH told her that it is unfomfortable to eat with her. She goes through a lot of thoughts of DH going closer and closer to her. But she also thinks about JY telling her to just eat with him and that is all she needs to do, he will take care of the rest.

The train stops and DH gets off. But JA doesn’t get off. He looks at her from the oppossite side of the door. He was surprised to see her, but then the train leaves again.

DH goes up to the street and tries to call, but he doens’t. The train stops again and JA hops out, she starts running to the next upcoming train in the opposite direction and hops on.
Dong-hoons mother wants one each of pinneapple and melon. He is at the grocery store and picking up all these things. He also calls his wife and texts her to see if she needs anything. Then KH calls him.

He goes outside and sees JA looking around. She puts in her headphones to try and find him. Then she hears the same car in front of her that is also in her ear. She turns her head quickly and sees him. They make eye contact and she takes out her headphones. He tells her that she missed her stop. They start working together.

He asks her if it is her parttime job. She says she washes the dishes, but she only goes there when they call her when it is crowded. They keeps talking. She tells him to become the director. He thinks JY won’t let him become one. She tells him to become a director and get his revenge on him, she wants to see him breaking. He asks why she hates him and she says it is because ajusshi hates him. He tells her not to call him ajusshi, call him manager. he walks a little in front of her and leaves her when he gets to the bar.

He droped off the melon and pinneapple and then goes to meet up with his brothers. They congratulate him and eat sushi at a restauraunt. It is adorable as they take a bunch of selfies together over the food. They talk about how this is daebak and the food is sooooo good. The dreams come true that we eat tuna at an expensive place like this.

They toast and keep eating and joking about work. Youngest says that he likes his work. He was sad waking up late everyday, but now he wakes up when people wake up, work hard all day, and then goes to bed. This is the first time he uses his body and feels his body. They toast again.

JA tells her Halmoni that she can go to the nursing home again because they qualify. It is free. The ajusshi that piggybacked you told her about it. Halmoni stars crying and says that she is so thankful to him. What can we do? She holds JA’s head and they put their heads together as they just sit there, grateful.
Oldest talks about how he was worried that their mother would die while he was unemployed. Youngest tells him to stop talking about that, their mother is still alive! but he says she can die at anytime, I want to be successful so a lot of people will come to her funeral. But KH basically tells him to shut up about it. It looks like KH is buying dinner for everyone today. SH talks about his directors funeral and how there were so many flowers that came in. His family was a 5 brother family. SH says that he has to rely on DH, please stay at your company for a long long time, sorry, I am a hyung asking you this. He starts crying.

DH tells him that he became a candidate for director. (Ah, they didn’t know!)

Everyones eyes grow wide.

The oldest yells for champaign, one of the best drinks! They tell their mom that Hyung became a director! Cut to the Bar, all the friends are there and yell that Director Park is coming!!!! They all sing and dance as he shows up. They stand and escort him to his seat and start to talk about him becoming director.

He tries to tell them that he is a candidate, but they are just happy to think that he will have a secretary and a car! His mother calls, he tells her that he isnt’ a director yet, just a candidate. Umma says to just make it like it already happened. he agrees. he tells everyone that he hasn’t made it yet, but they just tell him that he will!

Everyone starts talking about failing their business, but the oldest says not to say those things, it isn’t good. DH says they will investigate him. But his big brother says no one is as white as he is, there is no one as clean as him, so don’t worry. Jung-hee says, what if he doesnt’ become a director? He will leave the house (playfully). they all drinks and cheer.

Umma calls YH to talk to her. She says that she lived becaues of you three, you three are the joy of my life. (DH told his mom that YH didn’t feel good).

It is after the night of drinking. They are all outside the bar and talking. But then SH sees something and pulls the brothers away. He says, do you see that, all the flowers. He is thinking about his mothers funeral with hundreds of flowers all around and all the prople coming to the funeral. It would be so moving right? Thank you Dong-hoon, our second location of our cleaners will be half the flowers. All the friends put their names on the flowers and are all successful. They all imagine this funeral. The actress also came to the funeral.

But this is real, lol. She showed up to hang with them with the huge smiles that she always has, this pulls them out of their fantasy. She says she has never seen him before (DH). DH just walks off. They all go back inside the bar to drink some more. Someone tells YR that DH is the second of the three brothers. In most houses the middle is the worst, but in this household the middle is the best. She congratulates him for the celebration tonight.

They talk about how DH is too shy, but they like his saddness. Jung-hee talks about Bridget Jones’s Diary and Darcy. She says that is a cool guy and DH looks like that guy in the movie. They laugh about that and JA is listening to all of this. KH says that he will pay for all of the drinks. DH says that he is leaving so they all tell him goodbye. JA hops up and starts running to catch him. She lives really close, she passes Jung-hee’s place and keeps running.

DH is breathing hard again. JA catches him and walks behind him. She pulls up her hoody. DH checks his phone and calls someone, his wife. She picks up and he asks her where she is. He called her. She wants to know why he called her. He says just because. He asks if she needs anything but he says it is fine, just come home. She hangs up.

DH keeps walking and we keep hearing him breathing. He walks all the way to his apartment building and JA followed him all the way there. She watches him go inside and she still hears him breathing.
After drinking, KH walks with YR and tells him that she is trying to act again. She told the director about her stage fright, but he wants to work with her. She tells KH that she is able to do this because he failed. She smiles brightly. He tells her congratulations on her audition and she runs back to him and tells him that she is 1cm straightened out now. She runs back to her expensive van and hops in, but she waves before getting in and then she drives off. KH walks home, but he looks at her one last time.

One of the thugs thinks that the name Park Dong-hoon is very familiar. He paces the office as he thinks about it. GI also is in the office thinking. But he is thinking about seeing JA and DH walking together. Then he remembers that the gift card had his name on them.

Yoon tells candidate that they will win first, he basically tells him to bow out. Wang2 sees this. CEo thinks Yoon is stupid, how is he background checking DH? He doens’t know what to do. JY leaves and Yoon looks dissapointed. Yoon background checked DH, but nothing came from it.

Yoon goes to the cafeteria and eats with DH’s team. DH is at city hall. Yoon starts to ask them who they think will be director, he doesn’t care because they are all under him, the team should pick. One of the ladies says that it should be DH, he is a really good guy. he is on parttimers side and not us. They start to talk about the new girl and how he wanted to fire her in the begining. The woman says that he did but after that he has become nicer to her. (this is the girl that doens’t like JA). They talk about how DH and JA live in the same neighborhood. Yoon leaves and the team members start thinking.

Yoon calls someone, it is the person who sends parttimers to their company. This man brings her resume to Yoon. Yoon says this girl isn’t good, she is way less qualified than the others. The woman from earlier hears this. She goes up to the office and talks to the other guy and says that she didn’t just spread a rumor, it happened right?

But Yoon is on this and asks for a background check on JA.
DH trains his team and asks them a lot of questions about cracks and what to do depending on if it is in a certain location. Then he gets a phone call. The call is from one of the thugs. They ask him if he lost gift cards? He asks them who they are. The thug says that JA goes to your company right? DH asks who they are one more time. the thug says that he is a loan shark, one month ago she brought gift cards and it looked like they were stolen, the envelope said Dong-hoon so we didn’t accept it. We tried to call the police but she took it back.

DH thinks about this conversation at work.

Thug – she goes to your company so…I checked the homepage of your company because she shouldn’t be in that big company at all. The gif cards….did you find the gift cards? She knew that we would call the police, you should be careful of her, she doesn’t have good manner and she steals things.

DH thinks about what the thugs says all day and even on the subway. He tells JA bye and he gets off. She asks him if he can buy her dinner today. They stare at each other for awhile and he finally says, next time. He walks off. JA had bought some sandals, possibly for DH? She almost drops them on the ground.

At home, JS makes another of her super coffee drinks with like 3 stick coffees and check the previous files. She listens to the phone call recording. But she only hears DH’s part of the recording. He says he will hang up and someone asks him what phone call that was. DH looks at JA and then asks the guy if he packed up all the equipment. Then he tells them that they can head out.

At DH’s home, DH starts packing the recycling. He thinks about what his brother told him about JA helping him. He was thankful about that. he picks up all the trash and recycling to take out. YH gets home and she is in a bad mood. DH asks her if she needs anything. YH grumbles that he always asks her that, but she doens’t know what she really needs. She goes to her room, but then she comes back out and asks him when he was going to tell her that he is a director candidate. She had to hear it from his mother. He told his mother and his brothers but not her. He apologizes. She says he always tells her sorry, sorry. She closes the door.

DH takes the recycling to the eevator, but he spills it and bends over to pick it up. But it looks like it affects him.
The thugs get pulled over for drunk driving. JA calls GI while the other guy is getting a talking to by the police. JA wants to know why he called her company, what did you tell him. GI says that they told him that she is a thief, she should know her position, she shouldn’t love, she should just work hard and pay him back, don’t do anything else or he will kill them both. He hangs up and looks crazy for a second. Then he yells, AISH! the plice and everyone around look at him.

Umma prays at the temple with the monk. They bow over and over again.

The brothers flip the van right in front of their buisiness. The youngest told the oldest to slow down and stop at the light, but the oldest kept going and flips the van. They fight inside the van, lol. But the friend is there and tells them to fight outside the van. They go inside and start talking about what they need to do and basically just start fighting again.

The actress shows up in her super rich Mercedes van and runs inside. She tells KH that she is going to audition. She says that she was going to try yesterday, but she wants to run away again. Do something for you, you said you would straighten me up, I won’t go there, I cant do it, I feel like I will die. She sits.

KH tells her, you are pretty, you are very pretty, very very very pretty. The other two men are listening in and pretending not to be listening in. KH sits next to her and tells her that he hopes that she does well, he thinks that she will do well, somethime, think about Notting Hill. You become like Julia Roberts, a top star that visits him there, if no one is around maybe I hear that you went to Jung-hee’s and drink, what if I hold you? I will jsut think that I will let you go. I will feel lonely when I see you on a big screen at the movie theater, but i will be happy. So even if I live here like this, my life will belike a movie.

KH gets up and looks at the wall. YR stands up with her bright face once again and tells him that she may call him again later. She runs out. SH is so touched and braided the mops while he listened to their conversation. he sits and says that he is jampong (the food) also.
Umma is at the bar and asks Umma where she went. You smell like insence, did you go to the temple? Did you pray for Dong-hee? Umma, you are too cruel! how can you go somewhere where he is! Umma says that it is better to go somewhere where she knows someone. Jung-hee starts crying and goes upstairs. She cries in her room upstairs. Umma goes upstairs and apologizes, she says she was thinking about her own kids only. JH asks if they talk about her? Umma says he does, he asks how you are doing. So just eat your lunch.

Yoon tells JY that DH picked JA. He is background checking JA. JY tells him that he shouldn’t do it, it is illegal! Yoon says he didn’t do it himself. But JY tells him that people might ask him about it. JY tells him to just let it go. (Missed a bit of this part)

DH talks to his team, they tell him that Yoon is trying to find out about him and JA. They told him that he and JA live in the same neighborhood. They said they knew this about him, but they didn’t think he would do this much. Why did you pick her? There were a lot of peopl you could pick. (JA thinks, running) He says he is sorry, he has nothing.

JA takes off her earphones and gets up to leave. One of the girls asks her what she is doing, it isn’t the time to go home now. But seh leaves anyway. She goes to her other job and washes the dishes. The owner asks her why she isn’t listening to her music today. JA doesn’t answer. Later, she eats at the restauraunt and listens to music from her headphones.

So it looks like poeple think DH picked JA because she lives in the same neighborhood as him so there are a lot of rumors circling around.
DH meets with his friend outside the bar. The friend wants to smoke but DH thinks he shouldn’t smoke in front of his kids. JA walks past them, DH asks her if she is going home now, but she ignores him and keeps walking.

Back to the bar, everyone is drinking and happy, but DH is not happy.

DH – Life, why is it so bad/cheap?
JH – Because you don’t love, there are a lot of bad guys around.

DH is at the company working. JA is there as well. He doesn’t look at her.

YH sees JA’s resume while she is cleaning up. She stares at it.

DH goes to the office where JA came from. He asks where this guy is. They tell him that he left. DH goes to find him, it is the custodian, CD. DH goes inside his home and looks around at the picture. He sees CD and JH together at her graduation from a school. CD gives him something to drink.

JA goes to YH’s workplace place.

JA stands by the window as YH asks her how she fired Director Park. YA says that she drugged him. She asks how she will fire her husband. JA says it will be by a scandal. YH asks with who, she says, with me. Why did you betray JY? because he is trash. JY is trash and DH is a pitiful guy. YH says that she will give her the money that JY promised.

JA says that JY will hire someone else to fire DH. YH tells her that he is okay if he leaves the company, he can set up his own. So are you planning on getting back with him together? I don’t like you, you make me sick, what you do is scary and stupid, so I don’t like you because you know everything about me and DH and everything so i don’t want you to be in the same comany.

JA says she is afraid that she will tell DH everything. But she doens’t have to try that hard, DH already knows everything. He knows that you had an affair. JA leaves YH, stunned.

DH also leaves CD’s place.

YH starts shaking a crying in her office.

CD – JA, when she was young, her mother borrowed a lot of money and ran away, all the loan sharks tortured the grandmother and the little kid. The mom ignored it. I thought the mother would at least go to JA’s graduation party, but she didn’t show up. All the loan sharks went to the graduation party.

Flashback of the graduation.

CD – she didn’t come….I couldnt’ just leave.

A little JA gets her primary school diploma. CD gives her some flowers.

CD – After her mother died, JA took over all of the debt becasue she didn’t know that she could be forgiven for it. The money was piling up and GI’s appa had the most money. He was hitting the old woman, so she had to do anything this man asked. Halmoni passed out. Loan shark appa died and GI is doing the same to JA. That is why she took the gift certificates. It is important that she tried to steal your money, but that isn’t important becasue she is just trying to survive, youre mind doesn’t go logically all the time.

DH tells him that he resprects him and bows to him before leaving. Then he asks where that guy is. Later, CG calls someone, it’s JA. He tells her that DH came by. JA is on the street when she hears this.

DH goes to GI’s office. He goes inside the building and looks around for it. While looking, he thinks about all JA’s bruises and when she passed out. Then he thinks about when she slapped his team member because he talked bad about him. And when she told him, fighting.

He fins the loan shark place and asks for Gyang-il. They ask who he is. He says he is Park Dong-hoon, who is Gyang-il. You? They walk outside to the stairway.

DH – how much does she owe?
GI – you want to pay it
DH – yes
GI – your life is smooth, just leave, you know that what kid of person she is
DH – how much does she owe? When I hear her story, it makes me want to cry, and you?
GI – yeah, I want to cry
DH – I have three brothers
GI – call them
DH – we fight all the time until we hit 20’s, but we stopped fighting because my punch is no joke (DH is starting to curse and use banmal)

GI punches DH. They fight, DH yells at him, why do you punch a little girl! GI hits him to the ground and tells him it is because she killed my father! She killed my father!

JA was running to catch them, but when she heard this, she stops cold. DH also stops. GI leaves.

DH – I will kill whoever hits my family. I would kill everyone!

He runs back inside and pushes Gi, they start fighting precariously over the ledge again. They exchange punches and kicks. JA listens to this and is slowly starting to walk, but she is also crying and can’t really more. She crumbles to the ground and starts crying as she listens to them fighting.

This is a big sob from her, the biggest in the show so far. It’s like she is letting it all out. Teh camera stays on her as she cries on the side of the road.

Fade Out

(Didn’t see the preview up on YouTube, anyone have a link to it?)

DH tells JA to tell him if that guy hits her again, he has 100 guys in the neighborhood and he will gather them all.

DH is asked if he is serious about being the Director


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