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My Mister Locations : Dongho Bridge (Part 2/5)

The magnificent Dongho Bridge comes to scene several times in My Ajusshi, but the carefully orchestrated events leading up to its appearance at the end of episode 2 would lead one to think there might be a story to tell. Turns out it is used to signal the beautiful relationship that is about to form between Lee Ji An and Park Dong Hoon.  Continue reading My Mister Locations : Dongho Bridge (Part 2/5)

My Mister Locations: Hangang Bridge (part 1/5)

by @oldschooler

This scenic bridge has been featured in a few Korean dramas (link: Korean Drama Land). Because Park Dong Hoon’s character is portrayed with subdued subtlety and does not betray his true thoughts and feelings to others easily, clues to his inner life are conveyed indirectly through external associations. The Hangang Bridge is the exact location that portrays the state of Dong Hoon’s mind the day after discovering his wife’s infidelity.    Continue reading My Mister Locations: Hangang Bridge (part 1/5)

My Mister Filming Locations

Hoogye-dong, the neighborhood in which the three ahjussi brothers are born and raised, is a fictional place created by screenwriter Park Hae Young exclusively for My Ahjussi. Although ‘it is said to exist at the “mouth” of Seoul’, some of the key locations in the drama series, such as Jung Hee’s bar and Sang Hoon and Ki Hoon’s cleaning company, are actually located outside Seoul city. Continue reading My Mister Filming Locations