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Ki Hoon – Mouthpiece for Dong Hoon

The only way the writer can reveal Dong Hoon’s feelings for Ji An is through a third party. If he says it out loud, he loses his integrity, and everything goes downhill. He is a married man. Remember, everything he says is being recorded. For example, if Kwang Il had heard words of love between them, he would never have trusted Dong Hoon with those recordings, and Ji An would have gone to jail. ~by Fauna

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[GIF] The Electrifying ‘Farewell’ Conversation

Note the symbol Caution: Electricity that shows before, during and after the phone call. Knowing how deliberate Kim Won Suk PD is about details, I’m positive this tidbit was intentional. What could it mean? Dong Hoon’s pent up emotions? Our OTP, Dong Hoon and Ji An’s electrifying chemistry? Their emotions running dangerously high? In any case, uri PD seems to be the biggest shipper among us. (And that’s a relief.)

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