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Dong Hoon’s Awakening

As early as episode 12, after Dong Hoon and Yoon Hee’s confrontation, the show makes two things clear: (1) their marriage is over. It’s not a question of whether it will end, but how. (2) As Dong Hoon wonders about the ‘how’, Ji An appears. What does this mean?

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Bringing our twenty years to an end

Many have said “Dong Hoon’s not the kind of guy to divorce.” “No, not to the extent of divorcing,” but in his confrontation with Yoon Hee, Dong Hoon says it himself. The question is not whether they should end their marriage, but how to end it. 

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The End of The Affair

One of the key turning points in the show is the moment when Ji An, instead of remaining a silent bystander in Dong Hoon’s life, decides to step in and do something: she confronts Yoon Hee and tells her Dong Hoon knows she’s cheating, changing the course of their marriage for good.

Why? What made Ji An decide to interfere in their marriage? Was she protecting or harming him? What do you think?

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Episode 16 – A Joseon Interpretation

By @justamom

This ending was DRIPPING with his love for her. It was in every glance and every word. To me, he is with her, has been with her since he told her to buy another pair of slippers and by the time she leaves for Pusan he knows it. He knows it. And he breaks down because he really, really misses her. And I’m not delusional! Continue reading Episode 16 – A Joseon Interpretation

Dong Hoon & Yoon Hee: Did They Divorce or Not?

[Important background information from @justamom:

Previously, he [Dong Hoon] always called Yoon Hee 집사람 (chib saram), literally family person or my wife (formal).

But now [Ep 16] he calls her 애엄마 (ae omma)! My kid’s mom! That’s an additional level of separation.

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