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Do Joon Young: Captain of the Ship

As mentioned in Part 1, Do Joon Young and Ji An spend a lot of time together. For someone who says, “What man would eat and drink with a woman he doesn’t like?” he meets up with her quite often. He even has her over to his house a couple of times. If only the Managing Directors knew about that!

Tracing the progression of Do Joon Young’s relationship with Ji An, we see how and when things start to turn against him. At first he believes (understandably) that Ji An is working with him to fire Park Dong Hoon. Then as he attempts to use her to trap Dong Hoon further, he starts observing troubling things about her — she seems to have feelings for the loser engineer! Suspicion turns to confirmation, confirmation turns to fear as Ji An starts working against him, and finally what he thought was a win-win situation crumbles.

By the end, Do Joon Young is our disgusted shipper in the show, the one that drives Ji An more into Dong Hoon’s orbit and then names the love between them. He had tried to pair them off to create a scandal….but his plan comes back to bite him.

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Do Joon Young: Dong Hoon’s Antithesis

Do Joon Young is the slimy CEO we all love to hate, the cause of many of Park Dong Hoon’s problems and the one who doesn’t care if people get run over on his quest to maintain power.

There’s so much to say about him, but I want to focus on his relationship to Dong Hoon and his relationship with Lee Ji An. His interactions with these two demonstrate his character as well as one key role he plays, that of naming the love between Dong Hoon and Ji An.

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My Mister Locations: The Countryside (part 5/5)

by @oldschooler

“In the mountains there you feel free” ~ T. S. Eliot, The Wasteland

@rellea translated a post in DC Inside, which pointed out that Park Dong Hoon’s bag symbolises the weight of life that he carries. One place where he consistently does not hold on to his bag is in the countryside.

The countryside in My Mister is a place to which our characters escape to find peace and rest, and the insights they glean during their excursions often constitute a turning point in the characters’ development. In contrast to the city wasteland, with its crammed alleys and the neutral tones of office cubicles and subway stations, the countryside is replete with life and lush colours and wide open spaces. These qualities allow our characters to see clearly the most important facts of their lives for the first time, and to gather strength to act on these insights.
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Dong Hoon’s Drawers

I wonder if someone has commented on what Dong Hoon keeps in his drawers: unseen, private, and potentially shameful stuff that others must not know about. The unconscious parts of his desires in which he sometimes loses (aka forgets, represses) stuff when they slip through the cracks and fall behind/below the drawer compartments, as Sang Hoon complains: “He is always losing something behind his drawers.” (paraphrased)

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Not Every Man’s Story, But His Story

Here’s another response to the Inchon Business Article: If It’s Love, Then Even Wiretapping is OK? This writer argues, among other things, that this is just one man’s story, and as such, it is not a recipe for how others should live their lives. Continue reading Not Every Man’s Story, But His Story

Love, Timing & Traffic Signals

Every detail in Kim Won Suk’s dramas matters, down to even small details like traffic signals. Whether this was a conscious or subconscious direction, traffic signals in My Ahjussi indicate timing for Dong Hoon & Ji An’s relationship.

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[GIF] Parallels between the two affairs

It may seem easy to condemn Joon Young and Yoon Hee’s trysts because of the obvious, physical nature of their affair.

But were Dong Hoon and Ji An innocent because they held back and did not cross the physical line? Or did they engage in one of the greatest emotional affairs?

According to @ccl82, theirs was indeed an emotional affair. What’s more, it parallels Joon Young and Yoon Hee’s physical affair in several ways. Continue reading [GIF] Parallels between the two affairs

Sometimes it IS a big deal

Dong Hoon has been living his whole life as a passive observer, but he is now beginning to realize that his “no big deal” attitude to things isn’t always right. Some things actually are and should be a big deal. And sometimes one has to take the initiative because inaction can do more harm than good. ~ by @akhenaten Continue reading Sometimes it IS a big deal