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Ji An the Mentor

Commenter John Payne from the Man vs Drama YouTube threads writes:

The chance encounter between Dong Hoon and Ji An to complete My Mister is magical, from the onset when Ji An hears the voice she had become so intimate with, to the camera as it follows her over the shoulder to reveal a reborn young woman, standing in the beautiful sunlight and finishing with a handshake that is anything but.

It’s wonderful that Ji An, the mentor, has seen her student Dong Hoon become so happy. BUT WAIT, you may be thinking, Dong Hoon is obviously the mentor here. Hear me out though as I make my case. I think the Writer, Park Hae Young is brilliantly flipping the obvious roles of mentor/mentee here in ways that on the surface appear one way but in actuality are reversed.

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How Great Love Stories End

Some have suggested that Dong Hoon and Ji An’s parting at the cafe is an open ending. But if you compare the ending of My Ahjussi to other great love stories, its message is as clear as day: it is both a promise of more,  and the beginning of a beautiful new relationship. 

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A Thrilling Ending, and A Promise of More

Translated by @justamom from DC Inside.

Subtly acted and thrillingly passionate ending 

This scene, no matter how many times I watch it, is one of my favourite of all the classic scenes. Let me try to recreate it by taking us through their dialogue and expressions. Continue reading A Thrilling Ending, and A Promise of More