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Why is Ji Seok in the U.S.?

Dong Hoon and Yoon Hee’s son Ji Seok, who appears to be no more than 10 years old, certainly younger than 12, is in the United States throughout the entire show.  Some Soompi viewers discuss this seemingly odd practice of sending very young children abroad and its consequences to the family.  Should studying really be that big of a deal? Continue reading Why is Ji Seok in the U.S.?


Who Is Pretty and Nice?

@chickfactor once said, “It’s like Jae-Chul said, they are speaking in code to each other. The audience knows the code, because the writer-PD taught it to them. You can refuse to see it if you need absolute confirmation via traditional visuals (kissing, etc), and/or don’t want to believe in this romance, which is fine. Everyone has that choice. But the code is there, and it’s quite clear and consistent.”  One facet of this code is the creative use of camera and the very deliberate choice of scene.  When viewers take the time to understand this code, nothing has to seem vague and ambiguous anymore.  

by kerfuffle_95 from Soompi Continue reading Who Is Pretty and Nice?