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Moments of Realization

…, make that self-realization, that he has fallen for her!  A hilarious recap of the moments Dong Hoon is forced to deal with his emotions.  This was written before episode 13 aired.

by @morninginsp from tumblr

I’ve gone back through and decided to narrow it down to 5 moments (really you could say any time they shared air in episode 12, and that would be accurate) plus one that was completely unconsciously done before he started to grasp the situation he found himself in, and I’ll explain the rationale behind each. Continue reading Moments of Realization


[GIF] Ahjussi’s longing looks

Although Dong Hoon never spells out the three magic words to Ji An, his longing looks at her, especially when she’s not looking, speaks volumes. The way his eyes are always scanning for her tells us that she’s never too far from his mind. In @40somethingahjumma’s words: “For him to be expressive about his feelings would be out of character but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t leak.”

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Episode 16 – A Joseon Interpretation

By @justamom

This ending was DRIPPING with his love for her. It was in every glance and every word. To me, he is with her, has been with her since he told her to buy another pair of slippers and by the time she leaves for Pusan he knows it. He knows it. And he breaks down because he really, really misses her. And I’m not delusional! Continue reading Episode 16 – A Joseon Interpretation