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My Mister on Daebak! A Kdrama Podcast

The knowledgeable hosts over at Daebak! A Kdrama Podcast released their episode My Mister/ My Ahjussi: An Instant Classic a few months ago, and we think it’s well worth a listen.

We appreciated their thoughtful analysis as they talked about the scenes that impacted them, the visual symbolism woven throughout the story, and the larger cultural aspects that affected the characters. Most of all we loved how enthusiastic they were in recommending the show.



My Ahjussi Wins Grand Prize at The 2nd Seoul Awards

And the celebration continues.  The Seoul Awards, which honor outstanding achievement in film and television, held its second ceremony on October 27, 2018.  Although My Ajusshi did not win in any acting category, it did bag the Grand Prize (Daesang), beating My Golden Life, Money Flower, Should We Kiss First, and Life in the drama division. Continue reading My Ahjussi Wins Grand Prize at The 2nd Seoul Awards

Love, Not Romance: A My Mister Meta

By Overthinking Kdramas from tumblr

When I see the arguments about whether the relationship between Dong Hoon and Ji An is of a romantic nature or if it is purely platonic, I can’t help but feel like we’re missing the message of the entire drama. Or perhaps I should say, we’re feeding into the exact issue which My Mister has decided to take on as its central theme. Continue reading Love, Not Romance: A My Mister Meta

IU: “I couldn’t even bear to hear the soundtrack.”

Screen Shot 2018-08-11 at 9.58.37 PM

Lee Seon Kyun: “… it deeply affected me in a way I didn’t expect.”

The third and final part of Lee Seon Kyun and IU’s interview with Korean TV Drama(韓国TVドラマ) magazine Vol. 86 August 2018

Continued from [Part 1] and [Part 2]

Continue reading IU: “I couldn’t even bear to hear the soundtrack.”

My Mister Filming Locations

Hoogye-dong, the neighborhood in which the three ahjussi brothers are born and raised, is a fictional place created by screenwriter Park Hae Young exclusively for My Ahjussi. Although ‘it is said to exist at the “mouth” of Seoul’, some of the key locations in the drama series, such as Jung Hee’s bar and Sang Hoon and Ki Hoon’s cleaning company, are actually located outside Seoul city. Continue reading My Mister Filming Locations

Drama Milk Live Recaps

Many thanks to V and O of Drama Milk for providing live recaps during My Ahjussi/ My Mister’s run and for allowing us now to republish their recaps on our site.  A whole lot of us parked ourselves at Drama Milk just before each episode aired, and their blog was truly a blessing to all who just could not wait a minute longer.

Even now when we have watched the  show in its entirety, we can still appreciate these live recaps for their unique take on the business of drama subtitling and commenting.  As V herself said about the nature of their recaps: Very raw translation….kind of a literal translation + feeling of what they are saying + some summations when either O’s head or my head just can’t really think of a good English explanation on the spot. Continue reading Drama Milk Live Recaps

A Love Story Minus the Romance

Picking up on the discussion on a modern taboo, i.e. age gap relationships, @akhenaten concurs that if the age gap were smaller, Dong Hoon’s dilemma wouldn’t have been as complex. Dong Hoon, the paragon of morality, finds himself in a situation of temptation with a woman who seems to be everything that’s wrong for him… yet she becomes his pillar, his soulmate, the air he needs to breathe. Continue reading A Love Story Minus the Romance

Blurring the Lines of a Modern Taboo

A contemplation on the love between Dong Hoon and Ji An. Is it transcendent love, transcending physical and sexual needs? Or is it romantic love, minus the romance tropes? @40somethingahjumma thinks that it’s the latter, and that this drama is blurring the lines of a modern taboo… age gap relationships.

Continue reading Blurring the Lines of a Modern Taboo