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Love Grows Here: Hugye Restobar

For Park Dong Hoon, the neighborhood restobar is the safest place in Hugye, and he goes there whenever he wants to be alone, away from the observant eyes of the Hugye gang and Yoon Hee. Over the course of our story, it’s a place where he lets show his longing, smiles, worry, and even his tears.

It’s also the special spot where he invites Ji An to join him. From the time he takes Ji An there for a drink in Episode 6, to the time they have their bittersweet farewell in Episode 16, the restobar sees several important and increasingly-intimate scenes unfold between them.

As usual with other locations in this show, the restobar is packed with symbolism and things to discover. For one thing, there’s at least one male-female couple in almost every instance.

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My Mister Locations: The Rail Tracks (Part 4/5)

The Hoogye rail tracks are one of the most frequently appearing locations in My Ahjussi, and for good reason: they bring out the alpha male in Dong Hoon.

Dong Hoon is often described as a beta male, as someone who goes with the flow and doesn’t take ownership of his life. Admittedly, Dong Hoon has an unusual level of restraint and tolerance, but that does not mean he is a passive observer of life. He overlooks and tolerates as much as possible, but is quick to take action whenever he deems it necessary. The rail tracks are a testament to this, because that’s where we see Dong Hoon taking action again and again, for better or for worse: Continue reading My Mister Locations: The Rail Tracks (Part 4/5)

My Mister Filming Locations

Hoogye-dong, the neighborhood in which the three ahjussi brothers are born and raised, is a fictional place created by screenwriter Park Hae Young exclusively for My Ahjussi. Although ‘it is said to exist at the “mouth” of Seoul’, some of the key locations in the drama series, such as Jung Hee’s bar and Sang Hoon and Ki Hoon’s cleaning company, are actually located outside Seoul city. Continue reading My Mister Filming Locations

Dong Hoon’s Awakening

As early as episode 12, after Dong Hoon and Yoon Hee’s confrontation, the show makes two things clear: (1) their marriage is over. It’s not a question of whether it will end, but how. (2) As Dong Hoon wonders about the ‘how’, Ji An appears. What does this mean?

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Not Every Man’s Story, But His Story

Here’s another response to the Inchon Business Article: If It’s Love, Then Even Wiretapping is OK? This writer argues, among other things, that this is just one man’s story, and as such, it is not a recipe for how others should live their lives. Continue reading Not Every Man’s Story, But His Story