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The Beautifully Undefined Relationship

by deantrblss from tumblr

I think some people were right when they said there wouldn’t be any romance; there’s nothing romantic about Ji An and Dong Hoon’s story.

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t love and heartbreak.

The degree and types of love fluctuates as the story progresses, but it’s clear that Ji An struck a chord Dong Hoon never even knew he had with that confession. Continue reading The Beautifully Undefined Relationship

My Mister Locations: Ji An’s House, #1

It starts with the question Yoon Hee poses to her husband, “Who is #1 in your life, honey?” He never answers her; I don’t think he could, for he himself does not know.  But as the story unfolds before us, is it possible that this mystery person in Dong Hoon’s life lives behind door number 1? Continue reading My Mister Locations: Ji An’s House, #1

Seeing Through a Glass, Darkly

by @oldschooler

Glass is hard yet transparent. It blocks entry, but at the same time allows us to peer into the space it shelters. Looking through a glass window or door, we see without touching. We are able to watch and scan every object, action and expression, but we should not be fooled for there is still an invisible barrier that shuts us out. And sometimes, if we look carefully, we see our own reflection. Continue reading Seeing Through a Glass, Darkly

Moments of Realization

…, make that self-realization, that he has fallen for her!  A hilarious recap of the moments Dong Hoon is forced to deal with his emotions.  This was written before episode 13 aired.

by @morninginsp from tumblr

I’ve gone back through and decided to narrow it down to 5 moments (really you could say any time they shared air in episode 12, and that would be accurate) plus one that was completely unconsciously done before he started to grasp the situation he found himself in, and I’ll explain the rationale behind each. Continue reading Moments of Realization

Episode 4 Deconstructed: Sang Hoon’s Shame

by @justamom

I just finished Episode 4 and after sobbing and laughing then sobbing again…I realised this: Episode 1-2 were thrilling and exciting and made me think it was some kind of thriller/corporate mystery.  But episode 4 was when the show sank its claws into me. And I didn’t even realise it then, because it was done so, so subtly through the use of wiretapping/flashbacks.


I just want to deconstruct how the writer did it because she built up the tension and suspense so beautifully until that dramatic climax. Continue reading Episode 4 Deconstructed: Sang Hoon’s Shame

The Relationship from a Male’s Perspective

by @popai5

I think for many males, they think about physical attraction at first. According to many of the directors and other higher-up employees, Ji An is “not pretty.” Ji An’s personality comes into play as her co-workers find her rude and cold. Her education is mentioned. She didn’t finish school. So, what does Dong Hoon like about Ji An? Continue reading The Relationship from a Male’s Perspective

My Mister Locations: The Countryside (part 5/5)

by @oldschooler

“In the mountains there you feel free” ~ T. S. Eliot, The Wasteland

@rellea translated a post in DC Inside, which pointed out that Park Dong Hoon’s bag symbolises the weight of life that he carries. One place where he consistently does not hold on to his bag is in the countryside.

The countryside in My Mister is a place to which our characters escape to find peace and rest, and the insights they glean during their excursions often constitute a turning point in the characters’ development. In contrast to the city wasteland, with its crammed alleys and the neutral tones of office cubicles and subway stations, the countryside is replete with life and lush colours and wide open spaces. These qualities allow our characters to see clearly the most important facts of their lives for the first time, and to gather strength to act on these insights.
Continue reading My Mister Locations: The Countryside (part 5/5)

My Mister Locations: The Rail Tracks (Part 4/5)

The Hoogye rail tracks are one of the most frequently appearing locations in My Ahjussi, and for good reason: they bring out the alpha male in Dong Hoon.

Dong Hoon is often described as a beta male, as someone who goes with the flow and doesn’t take ownership of his life. Admittedly, Dong Hoon has an unusual level of restraint and tolerance, but that does not mean he is a passive observer of life. He overlooks and tolerates as much as possible, but is quick to take action whenever he deems it necessary. The rail tracks are a testament to this, because that’s where we see Dong Hoon taking action again and again, for better or for worse: Continue reading My Mister Locations: The Rail Tracks (Part 4/5)

My Mister Locations : Dongho Bridge (Part 2/5)

The magnificent Dongho Bridge comes to scene several times in My Ajusshi, but the carefully orchestrated events leading up to its appearance at the end of episode 2 would lead one to think there might be a story to tell. Turns out it is used to signal the beautiful relationship that is about to form between Lee Ji An and Park Dong Hoon.  Continue reading My Mister Locations : Dongho Bridge (Part 2/5)