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Episode 4 Deconstructed: Sang Hoon’s Shame

by @justamom

I just finished Episode 4 and after sobbing and laughing then sobbing again…I realised this: Episode 1-2 were thrilling and exciting and made me think it was some kind of thriller/corporate mystery.  But episode 4 was when the show sank its claws into me. And I didn’t even realise it then, because it was done so, so subtly through the use of wiretapping/flashbacks.


I just want to deconstruct how the writer did it because she built up the tension and suspense so beautifully until that dramatic climax. Continue reading Episode 4 Deconstructed: Sang Hoon’s Shame


Ki Hoon – Mouthpiece for Dong Hoon

The only way the writer can reveal Dong Hoon’s feelings for Ji An is through a third party. If he says it out loud, he loses his integrity, and everything goes downhill. He is a married man. Remember, everything he says is being recorded. For example, if Kwang Il had heard words of love between them, he would never have trusted Dong Hoon with those recordings, and Ji An would have gone to jail. ~by Fauna

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My Mister Locations: Hoogye Stop (Part 3/5)

The fictional Hoogye Stop (which is actually Sinjeongnegeori Subway Station on Line 2) stands as a silent witness to some of the more intimate moments in the progression of Lee Ji An and Park Dong Hoon’s relationship, one where they begin as enemies but later turn to something a little more, or perhaps much more, than just friends. Continue reading My Mister Locations: Hoogye Stop (Part 3/5)

My Mister Locations: Hangang Bridge (part 1/5)

by @oldschooler

This scenic bridge has been featured in a few Korean dramas (link: Korean Drama Land). Because Park Dong Hoon’s character is portrayed with subdued subtlety and does not betray his true thoughts and feelings to others easily, clues to his inner life are conveyed indirectly through external associations. The Hangang Bridge is the exact location that portrays the state of Dong Hoon’s mind the day after discovering his wife’s infidelity.    Continue reading My Mister Locations: Hangang Bridge (part 1/5)

IU: “I couldn’t even bear to hear the soundtrack.”

Screen Shot 2018-08-11 at 9.58.37 PM

Lee Seon Kyun: “… it deeply affected me in a way I didn’t expect.”

The third and final part of Lee Seon Kyun and IU’s interview with Korean TV Drama(韓国TVドラマ) magazine Vol. 86 August 2018

Continued from [Part 1] and [Part 2]

Continue reading IU: “I couldn’t even bear to hear the soundtrack.”

Dong Hoon’s Drawers

I wonder if someone has commented on what Dong Hoon keeps in his drawers: unseen, private, and potentially shameful stuff that others must not know about. The unconscious parts of his desires in which he sometimes loses (aka forgets, represses) stuff when they slip through the cracks and fall behind/below the drawer compartments, as Sang Hoon complains: “He is always losing something behind his drawers.” (paraphrased)

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[GIF] Knowing Looks (2/3)

Part 2 focuses on the id and superego to Dong Hoon’s ego – Ki Hoon and Sang Hoon. From the beginning, they could sense that their brother was different around this strange girl, Lee Ji An. Much more alive. Much more involved. Doing things he’s never done before. Even though they don’t spell it out, their looks reveal that they know how much Ji An means to Dong Hoon. And they’re willing to support their brother through everything, including his relationship with Ji An.

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Not Every Man’s Story, But His Story

Here’s another response to the Inchon Business Article: If It’s Love, Then Even Wiretapping is OK? This writer argues, among other things, that this is just one man’s story, and as such, it is not a recipe for how others should live their lives. Continue reading Not Every Man’s Story, But His Story