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The Road Back to You

Follow Dong Hoon and Ji An as they say goodbye and navigate new chapters in their lives, Dong Hoon in Seoul and Ji An in Busan. Why do they lose touch with each other, and what are they thinking when they reunite at the coffee shop?

Find out with The Road Back to You, a fanfic that covers conversations and events during the time skip (and beyond) as Dong Hoon and Ji An make their way back to each other.

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My Ajusshi Timeline

By @riazni, @h2ogirl, @sadiesmith

By collecting clues from episodes 1-16 and using our general knowledge of seasons in Korea: Spring (March-May), Summer (June-Aug), Autumn (September-November), Winter (December-February), we present this timeline.

Our understanding is that, in general, the drama covers one year and four months, starting from January 2018 all the way to the first quarter of 2019. Continue reading My Ajusshi Timeline

Dong Hoon & Yoon Hee: Did They Divorce or Not?

[Important background information from @justamom:

Previously, he [Dong Hoon] always called Yoon Hee 집사람 (chib saram), literally family person or my wife (formal).

But now [Ep 16] he calls her 애엄마 (ae omma)! My kid’s mom! That’s an additional level of separation.

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