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The Beautifully Undefined Relationship

by deantrblss from tumblr

I think some people were right when they said there wouldn’t be any romance; there’s nothing romantic about Ji An and Dong Hoon’s story.

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t love and heartbreak.

The degree and types of love fluctuates as the story progresses, but it’s clear that Ji An struck a chord Dong Hoon never even knew he had with that confession. Continue reading The Beautifully Undefined Relationship

Dong Hoon’s Drawers

I wonder if someone has commented on what Dong Hoon keeps in his drawers: unseen, private, and potentially shameful stuff that others must not know about. The unconscious parts of his desires in which he sometimes loses (aka forgets, represses) stuff when they slip through the cracks and fall behind/below the drawer compartments, as Sang Hoon complains: “He is always losing something behind his drawers.” (paraphrased)

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Buy Me Slippers = I Love You

This scene from episode 11 is the turning point for many viewers, the moment in the show where all doubts about Dong Hoon’s feelings disappear and in their place awe and marvel at this very nuanced, yet very deep love story.  In @justamom’s very own words: “I came into My Ahjussi totally not expecting a love story. I thought it was some kind of thriller, something similar to Misaeng or Signal. And then BAM! it hit me out of nowhere around the time Dong Hoon said, “buy me another pair of slippers.”

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The Weight of What We Carry

Translated by @rellea from Soompi 

Original DC Inside post here. All credit for images goes to the original poster.

It may be going a bit too far to say that every prop, background, screen layout, etc. have meaning, but when something is shown repeatedly and continuously, we can assume that it was deliberately inserted by the director in order to convey a message. Continue reading The Weight of What We Carry