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Overall Theme: Rebirth

I think the overall theme is rebirth, kind of like shedding the old skin by a snake, or the old feathers like an eagle. The eagle experiences extreme pain while removing the old feathers but grows back a plume that allows it to fly even higher. The characters don’t have to die physically for this… ~ by @africandramalover
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Ji An = Female Version of Monk Friend?

@noor1 from Soompi is our resident most objective viewer. She started out standing outside the romantic ship until the moment she had not choice but to jump ship because she logically followed where the show led her. Then she was in heart and soul, but never at the expense of checking her brains at the door 🙂  We love @noor1 and her “amusing pessimism.” (as @h2ogirl calls it)  Here are her thoughts after the conclusion of the show, in chronological order.  Do you agree with her that Ji An is just a female version of Dong Hoon’s monk best friend and nothing more?

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