Their Link is Broken: A Masterfully Conducted Sequence

After all the analyses about the traffic signs, episode 15 makes it painfully obvious that the director was using the traffic signs as a metaphor/ symbol / motif. Even if I missed traffic signs in other episodes, episode 15 was SOOOOO obvious. PD-nim is just brilliant! Aspects of this scene sequence have been analysed before, but what caught my attention is how the scenes were arranged in this sequence. ~ by @africandramalover Continue reading Their Link is Broken: A Masterfully Conducted Sequence


[GIF] Knowing Looks (2/3)

Part 2 focuses on the id and superego to Dong Hoon’s ego – Ki Hoon and Sang Hoon. From the beginning, they could sense that their brother was different around this strange girl, Lee Ji An. Much more alive. Much more involved. Doing things he’s never done before. Even though they don’t spell it out, their looks reveal that they know how much Ji An means to Dong Hoon. And they’re willing to support their brother through everything, including his relationship with Ji An.

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My Mister Filming Locations

Hoogye-dong, the neighborhood in which the three ahjussi brothers are born and raised, is a fictional place created by screenwriter Park Hae Young exclusively for My Ahjussi. Although ‘it is said to exist at the “mouth” of Seoul’, some of the key locations in the drama series, such as Jung Hee’s bar and Sang Hoon and Ki Hoon’s cleaning company, are actually located outside Seoul city. Continue reading My Mister Filming Locations

[GIF] Ahjussi’s longing looks

Although Dong Hoon never spells out the three magic words to Ji An, his longing looks at her, especially when she’s not looking, speaks volumes. The way his eyes are always scanning for her tells us that she’s never too far from his mind. In @40somethingahjumma’s words: “For him to be expressive about his feelings would be out of character but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t leak.”

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Love, Timing & Traffic Signals

Every detail in Kim Won Suk’s dramas matters, down to even small details like traffic signals. Whether this was a conscious or subconscious direction, traffic signals in My Ahjussi indicate timing for Dong Hoon & Ji An’s relationship.

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[GIF] Parallels between the two affairs

It may seem easy to condemn Joon Young and Yoon Hee’s trysts because of the obvious, physical nature of their affair.

But were Dong Hoon and Ji An innocent because they held back and did not cross the physical line? Or did they engage in one of the greatest emotional affairs?

According to @ccl82, theirs was indeed an emotional affair. What’s more, it parallels Joon Young and Yoon Hee’s physical affair in several ways. Continue reading [GIF] Parallels between the two affairs