Three Confessions in One

Ji An’s emotional confession in Episode 10 moved many viewers. However, with the photographer lurking behind them, it makes us wonder how real it actually was. Was everything done for the photographer and to save Dong Hoon? Or was it fueled by genuine feelings?

~ By @africandramalover and @chickfactor; GIF credits to @aisling unless otherwise stated


I think it was three types of confessions. I think it was:

1) A confession of Ji An to herself. She finally said the truth to herself. Verbalising something like that helps you confront it, gives it a name and form.

2) A confession to Dong Hoon – Obviously, even if she was manipulating the situation, he definitely knows how she feels. He’s been avoiding it, asking her to call him Manager, but now he knows he isn’t just Manager.

3) Manipulation of Dong Hoon in order to save him from the detective. Brilliant scene! When he hit her it’s like he’s reacting from his anger at what she has said, but deep down it’s like he cannot admit the truth to himself, that he is fond of her in a way that’s outside the normal parameters.


The multiple layers of surveillance is potentially confusing. (But the PD is doing a great job of telling this story. Which makes sense, since he made Signal.)

  1. Joon-Young has hired someone to follow Dong-Hoon around, trying to create a scandal with him and Ji-An.
  2. Ji-An asked her friend to pretend to follow Joon-Young around, so Joon-Young will become paranoid (that Exec. Director Wang is having him stalked) – and it worked.
  3. Ji-An’s final “love confession” was for show, to let Joon-Young’s “detective” (and thus Joon-Young) know that she threw herself at him and he rejected her.

This is basically the redux of the earlier scenario in which she kissed him and had a photo taken, trying to trap him with a scandal. But her ruse was found out, and he even publicly fired her the next day (although he was overruled), making it clear that he doesn’t have inappropriate feelings for her. She’s trying to replicate this.

(a) Joon-Young can’t make a scandal out of that. It’s also a good way of wiping out all the other evidence he’s collected (Dong Hoon helping her with her debts and grandmother). That it’s not romance, but pure charity.

(b) Also, it’s just really smart on another level – she can tell Joon-Young that she was trying to do what he asked. He demanded progress in just two days, so she can say that she tried to throw herself at him with an earnest love confession.

– She knows that Dong Hoon is somewhat embarrassed to be around her, to be thought of as her boyfriend. He was embarrassed and walked really fast after they took her grandmother to the nursing home. She used this.

– Her confession was obviously fueled by real feelings. He knew it. He was shocked to hear it.




– She knew just how to provoke him. He hit her and knocked her to the ground. He called her a “crazy bitch”. Ji-An planned it carefully and it worked.



(But it still felt like a slap in the face for us to see it. It felt more brutal than the bloody beatdown in Ep. 9.)


– She is pretty observant and sharp about human nature (shockingly so). She knew how he would react.

When she walked away from him, she had a knowing look on her face. “Job is done.” She knows what she is doing. And what she did is to sacrifice her love for him, so that he would become Director.

I don’t think it’s just her tough life that made Ji-An street smart, although that is also true. I think she is also just very, very smart and intuitive. If she had the right opportunities, she would be ruling the world.


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