[GIF] The Goodbye Hug

Park Dong Hoon, you’re such an enigma! How did you really feel during that “goodbye” hug scene? Were you “devoid of sadness” (as @ann04 at Soompi said)? Were you holding back tears? Let’s find out with GIFs and some mad analytical skills!

Commentary by @arctichare from Soompi

“Is it okay if I hug you?”

Can I just talk about Ji An first?

Her voice when she asks for a hug breaks me. She’s so open and vulnerable in front of him every single time. I don’t know where Ji An gets her courage from, really. I just think she’s remarkable and I love her and want her to have everything she wants.

If only time would stand still here…
Dong Hoon tears himself away from Ji An.

After their hug Dong Hoon tells her to go, with tears in his eyes, barely holding it together. But Ji An remains rooted at her spot, unable to move on.

He tells her to go again… and just look at him.

And then he walks away from her.

“Hang in there!” (I’ll try to…)

But she calls out to him with her fighting! and he returns it in kind.

And this time she moves on and he watches her walk away. His face falling immediately.

Dong Hoon’s really about to give the most taciturn heroes in literature a run for their money.


3 thoughts on “[GIF] The Goodbye Hug”

  1. (Ep 13) when LJA hears PDH saying “thank you. for staying by my side”, she breaks into tears and holds her phone tightly and emotionally (like a hug). PDH is right about his hesitation to say to her in person: she would probably hug him in tears.

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