[GIF] Ahjussi’s longing looks

Although Dong Hoon never spells out the three magic words to Ji An, his longing looks at her, especially when she’s not looking, speaks volumes. The way his eyes are always scanning for her tells us that she’s never too far from his mind. In @40somethingahjumma’s words: “For him to be expressive about his feelings would be out of character but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t leak.”

Ahjussi looks for someone he finds pretty… not-so-subtly

Ahjussi’s nightly landscaping surveys

How sexy is this?

Interview? What interview?

Promotion? What promotion?

But that’s her spot…

I want to hold you

I can’t get enough of staring at you

I don’t want to let you go

Dong Hoon’s had it with subtle stares. Cue blatant stares.

I let you go once; I’ll never let go again

Other instances where Dong Hoon’s suppressed feelings showed:

When he put on the slippers

During the ‘farewell’ phonecall

When he ran, ran, and ran

When they hugged

And of course, during the ending scene



16 thoughts on “[GIF] Ahjussi’s longing looks”

  1. Oh my heart. There are few other noteable longing looks throughout the 16 episodes :
    1. Episode 9 – Ajusshi was smoking away his worries outside Jung Hee’s Bar when he spotted JA walking home and hessitantly greeted her (you know he was torn between trying to digest the ugly facts about her and his inner feeling of wanting to connect with her) and she ignored him.
    2. Episode 12 – During the sexy conversation in the subway where she confessed that his words made her liking him more and he refuted her feeling as merely a pity towards him, ajusshi was pulling off that intense longing look even when JA was standing right before him. He was on refrained mode but gosh, was he emitting really strong longingness in those stares.
    3. Episode 13 – On the way to his hoobae’s (rival for director post) room, ajusshi again stealing glances at JA’s desk but the apple of his eyes was not there.
    4. Episode 14 – After ajusshi and the brothers sent off mom during the celebration party, he stole longing glances at the direction of JA’s house which prompted Jae Chul to ask him why JA was quitting.
    5. Episode 15 – DH sat at his old desk and again longingly looking at JA’s old spot before telling his team members that he prefers his old desk ( *ehem*).

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    1. Dudeee! You have awesome observation skills. You gotta join us at Soompi sometime (the link’s on the top left of the home page if you’re on desktop, and on the bottom if you’re on mobile).

      I didn’t include alllll the longing looks bc frankly Park Dong Hoon is always longing for Ji An, isn’t he? XD

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  2. One more. very similar to LJA’s coffee drinking scene: (after she gets back PDH’s wallet and returns to the office) PDH’s very intense stare when LJA takes off her (bag and) overcoat.

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  3. (the day after the fight with LKI) when deputy Kim invites LJA to dinner, PDH in high alert and gives a hostile look. And relieved after LJA rejects Kim.


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