Filming the Final Scene – BTS & Parting Thoughts

The end was finally here and some cast members shared their parting thoughts with viewers:

Translation by @chickfactor from Soompi:

On-screen Text:

People who endure the weight of life

This is the story about how through each other they find the meaning of life and heal each other

With each character drawn distinctly

Performances full of the scent of humanity

With its palpable brightness

It received such hot love from the viewers

My adult, my ahjussi…

Goodbye My Ahjussi

Oh Na-Ra (Jung-Hee): When you’re feeling tired and having difficulties, please think of “Jung-Hee’s” in Hoo-Gye-dong and Jung-Hee will comfort you and welcome you with her hearty laughter. I know you will miss us a lot.

Na-Ra (Yu-Ra): It was a truly an enjoyable and fun shoot. I am so grateful to the viewers, please always be healthy and happy. Thank you.

Kim Young-Min (Do Joon-Young): You hated Do Joon-Young, and the more you hated him, the more the other actors shined. As an actor, I felt very fulfilled. As “My Ahjussi” was the project of their lifetimes for others, I too, will never forget it. Let’s be happy. Please be happy, everyone.

Son Sook (Bong-Ae): My character was hearing-impaired, so it was a very difficult role. But it was a very special experience. Thank you everyone for watching until the end.

Lee Ji-Ah (Kang Yoon-Hee): It was a very difficult role, and I had difficulties with it, emotionally. So saying good-bye to Yoon-Hee, to be honest, is that not sad for me. Not seeing the actors and the staff and the director of “My Ahjussi,” that is the saddest and most difficult part.

Song Sae-Byuk (Park Ki-Hoon): The Ki-Hoon character, as the youngest of the three brothers, I developed so much affection for him. I can’t quite believe that it’s over. Please remember our drama for a long time. “My Ahjussi,” fighting.

Park Ho-San (Park Sang-Hoon): They say when a drama is finished, it feels refreshing and sad at the same time. I don’t know about feeling refreshed, I just feel very sad. But since the drama has been released, every time I feel this way, I will watch it again. Thank you to everyone, and good-bye Sang-Hoon.

(IU gets flowers when the shoot wraps.)

Lee Ji-Eun (Lee Ji-An): There is a line in the final episode that says, “This is the first time I embraced myself and cried.” I am already worried, wondering if I can ever find another character like this, who I can really embrace. For the many viewers who loved “My Ahjussi,” and everyone who cheered Ji-An on, I was so grateful. Sincerely, I am very grateful.

Lee Sun-Kyun (Park Dong-Hoon): Until this morning, it didn’t sink in. I was traveling to Ga-Pyung to shoot our final scene, listening to the OST, and tears came to my eyes. I realized that I was very immersed, that this has affected me a lot, and that I really loved this team. I hope that from now on, the many Lee Ji-An’s and Park Dong-Hoon’s in the world can communicate, comfort each other, and cheer each other on, I hope our society becomes more like that. Thank you.

Text: Thank you to the viewers who loved us

Here’s a scene worth noting near the beginning of the clip.  It’s the cafe scene: Ji An hears a dearly treasured voice, and like a sunflower following the sun, she starts to walk towards that voice from the past.  We are all familiar with what follows: outside in the lush greenery, Dong Hoon and Ji An exchange words and promise to meet again.  What we have not seen before is this: after his initial shock of seeing her behind the glass window, he gives her the widest smile she has ever seen, and that prompts her to smile back in the sweetest smile he has ever seen:



IU-only part subbed by IUteamstarcandy:


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