IU TV Presents BTS of Final Episode

IU TV followed IU around as she got ready to shoot the final scene of episode 16.

Subtitles by SGHeartIU:


Her manager and cameraman kept trying to engage her, but throughout IU firmly stayed in her character Ji An.  That was until she entered the cafe to shoot the farewell scene, and here she momentarily transferred back into IU and started to goof around (2:53 minutes).

@justamom on seeing Lee Seon Kyun in the background:

The best moment for me was seeing Lee Seon Kyun off camera, before they shot that final scene. Lee Ji Eun was joking around, he saw her, and he just remained totally in character. 100% Park Dong Hoon right there. He must have been going through the emotions of their “break up” and that’s how we got that beautiful confession, Park Dong Hoon coming close to breaking…


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