Their Link is Broken: A Masterfully Conducted Sequence

After all the analyses about the traffic signs, episode 15 makes it painfully obvious that the director was using the traffic signs as a metaphor/ symbol / motif. Even if I missed traffic signs in other episodes, episode 15 was SOOOOO obvious. PD-nim is just brilliant! Aspects of this scene sequence have been analysed before, but what caught my attention is how the scenes were arranged in this sequence. ~ by @africandramalover

Deleting the app should take one second, however….

From around minute 54,

  • Ji An tells Dong Hoon she’ll delete the wiretap program.
  • She lays down next to Jung Hee who tells her they need to sleep to feel better.
  • Ji An picks the phone. We see her phone wallpaper, a tree that is blocking the sun behind it. As I posted this, it became so obvious why the tree is blocking the sun!! Ji An’s life is dark, Dong Hoons life is so dark, the light has figuratively been blocked from their lives. By the end of the drama, even the lighting style has changes to something brighter to reflect their new brighter, open lives.
  • Could the picture also mean that Ji An as Dong Hoon’s light, watched Dong Hoon from behind a “veil”?

  • Ji An listens to Dong Hoon for the last time as he walks towards the subway.

  • The warning bell of the approaching train rings and the barriers come down as Dong Hoon crosses the tracks. The barriers have the red light on, plus the very obvious stop sign.

  • Ji An chooses the “uninstall” option the program as she listens to Dong Hoon’s last footsteps… the light is red = stop wiretapping

  • The train flashes past and the barrier behind Dong Hoon shows the red light and stop sign. The scene changes focus to his legs as he continues walking.

  • Ji An chooses OK to begin the uninstall option and the program is deleted. This is as he’s crossed the rail track and the train metaphorically cuts their communication…. I almost fainted seeing this.

  • Back to Dong Hoon’s footsteps that we see and can NO LONGER HEAR. (then the “Adult” OST plays over the footsteps). The link to his footsteps that told her about him is ended.
  • The train barrier turns green and rises behind Dong Hoon and he continues walking. Even though the light is green, the stop sign and the train sign remind us that the link is broken.

  • PS… Can someone read what this says? Is she changing the wallpaper? Because the wallpaper changes to something brighter and with a “train track” looking boardwalk thing…

Ji An comes into full light
  • If the wallpapers are contrasted, does it mean that Ji An now has open access to Dong Hoon, as opposed to before where she saw him through the wiretap? Does she now have “legal” / open access to him (the board walk) as opposed to the wiretap (the sun behind the tree)? Later when she meets him at the café, she hears his voice “without using any channels”….
  • Ji An puts the phone down and closes her eyes and we see a tear run down her face. Jung Hee asks her why she is crying. Obviously she can’t say.

  • Dong Hoon is still walking, but now we can hear his steps. Ji An cannot. The scene ends.


They say the script is edited thrice: by the writer, then by the actors and director during shooting, then during post-production in the editing suite. The sequence of the scenes just hit me BAM! BAM!! BAM!!! PD-nim was playing a piano with how those scenes were arranged. The end of their bond (wiretapping) plays out so beautifully here, I was blown away! I can see PD-nim with his director’s notes, telling the editing guy how to arrange the scenes, knowing that he’s trolling us by hiding awesomeness in plain sight.

And as Lee Seon Kyun said in a recent interview: “It feels like he’s a real conductor.


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