A Lover’s Quarrel

Sometimes even soulmates to end all soulmates behave like high school couples. 

by @ccl82 and @chickfactor from Soompi on scenes from episode 9 and 10

@chickfactor, before the airing of episode 11:

I managed to squeeze in some rewatching, and what struck me is how they are essentially playing high school crush games with each other. How she deliberated waited for him, then walks past him in front of Jung-Hee’s, and how he was waiting for her, while smoking. How upset he was when she ignored him, and how upset she was by doing it.

Dong Hoon gets royally ignored.
Hurting you hurts me more.

So I saw how it all built up to the final confrontation. She saw that he was being followed by the guy with the camera. She pulled her hoodie up, and deliberately walked past him.

And he was genuinely upset! He said, “왜 나 모른척해? 왜 또 삐졌어?” (“Why do you ignore me? Why are you pissed?”) It really struck me how petulant and childish he sounded, almost like he was whining. And how casual and familiar these words actually were. You don’t say these words to some child in need that you are helping out. This was peak attraction (for these two, so far). This was him expressing genuine disappointment that she was refusing their connection. This was him no longer pretending that he was just helping out some person in need out of charity.

So you can see her stop, and think about what she was going to do.

Dong Hoon calls Ji An out for ignoring him.

We all agree that raw confession and goading was deliberate, and she purposefully threw cold water on everything. That she sacrificed her relationship with him. She knows him much better than he realizes, because of all the phone-tapping. She knows he thinks about her when she isn’t there. (the no socks, the 30,000 years old, the “fighting.”) She knew what buttons to push because she knew that he liked her.

This is love, you guys. Let’s not fight it anymore. In just a few hours, we will all be squeeeing together. :heart:


“Why are you ignoring me?” *a little bit angry*

“Why are you pissed?”  *softer*

Totally like a clueless boyfriend asking what’s wrong when his girlfriend is pissed.

“Where is the slipper?”

“Buy the slipper again!”

This is Park Dong Hoon. Not just any random guys. It’s Dong Hoon, the safest man on earth, annoyed when a girl ignored him and took some slippers from him. For god’s sake, if this isn’t love, someone plese enlighten me if there’s another kind of human affection I don’t know about.

After the series’ completion…


DH is constantly shown to want to fix his relationship with JA. When JA ignored him in front of JH’s bar, he seemed disturbed. Enough for him to ask CD about her situation and beat up GI. JA ignored him again before her confession, leading him to ask JA: “Why are you ignoring me again? Why are you mad? What? What is it now?”

Are you mad? Honey?

Isn’t this FRIGGIN INTERESTING? Gee DH, what do you mean what is it now? So you kinda had a feeling you hurt her feelings before by declining to buy her food?? But… but… she didn’t say anything! Dunno bout you, but sounds like lovers’ quarrel to me….


Absolutely. I pointed out how in this scene Dong-Hoon sounded straight-up whiny! “Why are you ignoring me? Are you mad at me?” Ha ha, it was so cute. That is absolutely a lover’s quarrel.

Despite the lack of skinship, their relationship hit all the emotional beats of two lovers. This is why Kwang-Il was so shocked when he saw their “beer smile.” He knows Ji-An well, and he knows what this means. It’s not casual.

Kwang Il looks on while Dong Hoon and Ji An share smiles over beer.

That’s where their relationship exists, in all these little moments that would look like nothing to anyone else, but if you know the characters well, as the viewers do, then you get how meaningful it is. Everything is communicated very briefly: simple statements like, “You’re a good person,” “Fighting,” “Thank you,” and other such words that would mean nothing in other contexts. But we know how hugely meaningful it is to them.

To me, the “buy me new slippers” scene is basically a love confession. He is making it clear that he will not let her exit his life for convenience, and to him, that is huge. That’s why she had that ZOMG look on her face, because she understood what it meant.

Buy me slippers = I love you

It’s like Jae-Chul said, they are speaking in code to each other. The audience knows the code, because the writer-PD taught it to them. You can refuse to see it if you need absolute confirmation via traditional visuals (kissing, etc), and/or don’t want to believe in this romance, which is fine. Everyone has that choice. But the code is there, and it’s quite clear and consistent.


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