Overall Theme: Rebirth

I think the overall theme is rebirth, kind of like shedding the old skin by a snake, or the old feathers like an eagle. The eagle experiences extreme pain while removing the old feathers but grows back a plume that allows it to fly even higher. The characters don’t have to die physically for this… ~ by @africandramalover

Each character in this show seems to have some level of rebirth.

Dong Hoon – Finally moves from passive to assertive, a journey Ji An sets off by stealing his bribe.

Ji An – Changes her opinion of humans and opens herself up to the world when she orchestrates the downfall of Dong Hoon.

Ki Hoon – Faces the real reason for his failure as a director when he meets the puke machine Yu Ra.

Yu Ra – Faces her failure as an actress when she meets the “reason” for her failure, Ki Hoon.

Sang Hoon – hmm… Maybe he will be able to afford a flower arrangement for mummy’s somebody’s funeral…

Yoon HeeFaces the incompatibility and death of her marriage as is when she assists her lover in bringing down her husband.

Jung Hee – FINALLY lets go of Monk and moves on with her life after being put on blast by Sang Hoon’s wife.

I’ve just listed what triggers/incites their rebirth. They all move to a higher plane of their lives. Higher than the normal they’ve been living in.

As for the Monk, he has not reached enlightenment by hiding in the mountain and loving cute baby goats. He needs to come back down from the mountain and live the real world. Even if it is not with Jung Hee. That should be his rebirth, in my opinion.

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2 thoughts on “Overall Theme: Rebirth”

  1. I think the monk achieved his rebirth as well… he couldn’t be a better monk because his head was in the past (what he has done with his family and Jung Hee while leaving without saying goodbye), but that sabbatical time alone made him think about his failures and his problems, and going to jung hee as a peaceful sign, saying that he was wrong, was his redemption and a way to became a better monk.

    But ofc, you can say that leaving everything behind could be a sign of a person that doesn’t want to deal with the real world… and to became a monk was just an easier way, an excuse, to avoid failure or something, but I don’t think that’s his case.

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    1. Absolutely agree that he grew as a better person / monk once he confronted his two biggest fears – Jung Hee and his old neighborhood. That helped Jung Hee move on (fi~nally), and was the monk’s own “rebirth”.

      To put the post above in perspective, it was originally written before the last two episodes aired… so at the time, the Monk’s character arc was a question mark, and anything seemed possible. 🙂

      Thanks for all your support, rezfg! We really appreciate it!

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